Krispy Kreme Krazy

We were in the vicinity of the newly opened Krispy Kreme shop near Spencer Street yesterday and thought we ought to at least check out the new place. The end of the queue was just outside the door so we figured it won’t be a long wait. Although the shop mostly sells their doughnuts by the dozen, people who want to try only one of the sweet treats could by it singly. $2.00 for original glazed and $2.50 for one of the assorted kinds. We decided to get an original glazed and shared it.

We liked the soft and tasty dough but didn’t like the glaze (we found it too sweet for our liking). If there’s a non-glazed/plain Krispy Kreme doughnut, then it would be just perfect. Hmmm… maybe we ought to go back and see if they have those. On the other hand, it may be better (for our hips and hip pocket) not to, those doughnuts have the potential to be addictive.

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  1. great news for you guys. Krispy Kreme will open here in the Philippines on Nov. 30. So by the time you get back, there’ll be one open at the Fort. :d

  2. Hi Sydney. Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to help converting everything to Pesos when you first get here. But eventually, you’ll learn to let go of that habit. Stay here long enough and you’d start converting to Pesos again but this time, in order to find out how cheap everything is in the Philippines. 😀

    It’s like finding out that a Big Mac meal in the Philippines costs about P140. After conversion, that’s only Australian $3.70! Compared to the $5.25 meal here. :d

  3. couldn’t help but notice the price – 23.90 for a dozen? that’s P896.25! 😮 must not make the mistake of converting everything to peso cost when i get there or i won’t buy anything :d

  4. @alma: mukha ngang dinadayo pa yung store na yun. talaga, lilipat kayo sa may chapel? nice, lalo na pag may gimik. 😉

  5. ay sarap. pag nakalipat na kami ng office sa chapel
    street next month, malamang pupunta ako ng CBD para lang dyan 🙂

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