The Proposition

It was the afternoon and I was running to catch the train home. My company sent me to one of our clients to help out with some technical stuff today. After I finished helping out, I knew that it was only a few minutes to go before the train for home pass by the train station nearby.

When I got on the station platform, I quickly looked over the rail tracks to see if there was an incoming train. There wasn’t. I then consulted the posted train time table and discovered that I had three minutes to spare. I was relieved. Missing the train meant waiting for another twenty minutes for the next one.

I just stood there on the platform to catch my breath when three young teenage school girls passed by. I guess it was that time of the day when the kids get off school. At 5pm, I’m still usually in the city so I’m not really used to seeing a lot of rowdy kids on the train home from work.

Anyway, the three teens were probably 14-16 years of age. I have a tough time determining the age of young Caucasians as they look more mature than Asians of the same age to which I’m more used to seeing. Two of them went on to the waiting shed where there were benches while one of them stood right in front of me.

She had blonde messy hair, eyes bordered with dark thick eyeliner and had a piercing just above her lip. She just stood there for quick moment then eyed me from head to toe. Just when I thought she was about to follow her friends she smiled and said, “you’re hot.”

I was taken aback. This was the first time ever that someone had said that I was hot right to my face. It didn’t take me too long to snap back to reality. It probably was some silly joke by these girls. Maybe a dare of some sort. I cautiously replied back, “oookay.”

“So, how old are you?” she asked.

“Thirty,” I said. I rounded down. “And you?” Of course, I didn’t really need to ask. She was obviously young.

“I’m actually 28. I just repeated school so many times.” She then left and walked towards her friends.

Good riddance, I thought. I don’t want to get into any kind of trouble. To avoid any possiblity of trouble what-so-ever, I retreated to the opening of the station where I started to pretend reading the time tables.

However, the same girl was back. She approached me and leaned on the pay phone near the time tables post. She asked, “so, what are you doing tonight?”

Uh oh. What was I supposed to say? How do I get rid of her? To be honest, I haven’t gotten myself into this kind of situation before, ever. I just replied, “uh, nothing.”

“So, do you, like, want to go out with me tonight? Take me to dinner? You know. Or maybe you can, like, take me shopping?”

“No.” What else do I say to that?

She looked at me in disbelief. “Are you — are you rejecting me?”

“I’m married,” I said hoping that would put a stop to that.

“Oh. Is she fat?”


“Is she skinny then?”

“No. She’s just right.”

“Is she loose?” she asked all the while acting all flirty.

“Excuse me?” I said.

She turned and walked back to her friends. Good.

Meanwhile, I went back to my pretend-reading of the time tables. This time though, I put on my earphones. I can hear the girl calling me from a distance but I ignored her. At last she realised that I must have my mp3 player turned on (even though it really wasn’t).

I heard further giggling and talking among the girls. From what little I can hear from a distance, it sounded like the girl’s friends are urging her to go do something but the girl was a bit reluctant. She agreed to do whatever it was in the end.

I can see the girl approaching me again from the corner of my eye. But when she was only an arm’s length away from me, she retreated back to her friends saying, “I couldn’t do it.” Then they laughed.

Then from a distance, I heard the blaring horn of the incoming train. At last! The train was coming. It must have been the longest three minute wait I ever had to endure. I quickly got on board and looked back to make sure none of the school girls followed.

The train doors closed and then left the platform. Whew. It was a very weird experience. I totally didn’t know how to react on such a situation. Should I have just shooed them away like any grumpy old man? Maybe I should’ve just said, “Sorry, no speaka da engleesh!” That would’ve ended that right away.

I now wonder what other boys or men would’ve done if they were approached by the same girl in the same way?

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