Every weekend, Raquel would ask me what dishes I wanted to eat the coming week. I have a list of my current favourite dishes with me so that I wouldn’t forget. However, one dish I loved so much when I was younger was unfortunately absent from my list.

Growing up, I loved it when my grandma or my mum would cook Bistek (Filipino Beef Steak). The dish is basically dried beef steaks cooked in soy sauce and some onions (our family cooks it with potatoes, too). Unfortunately, since Raquel and I have both cut down on eating beef and pork (and lamb) for a over a year now, I haven’t tasted Bistek in a long long time.

One day, Raquel tried cooking a dish that usually needs lamb but replaced it with turkey instead. The end result was that the texture of the turkey was similar to that of the texture of Bistek beef. So, Raquel and I thought that maybe she could try cooking Bistek with turkey chops in place of beef.

And that’s what she did. She boiled the turkey chops first until they were cooked and then she fried them and that was used in place of beef in the Bistek dish. Since there is no beef in this variant of the old Pinoy dish, we couldn’t rightfully call it bistek anymore. So, we dubbed the dish Terstek (get it? Turkey Steak?).

It was easy to forget that I wasn’t eating beef. I absolutely love it. Well, this dish is certainly going into my favourite dishes list.

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