Our Group’s First Christmas Party

Party games, karaoke singing, a buffet dinner and even an exchanging of gifts. It’s your typical Pinoy Chirstmas party and it’s our small Melburnian group’s first. Wilma, the group’s de-facto organiser of events, made the Christmas party possible. She pushed for the get together and I’m not sorry she did. It was great fun.

The party started with risque party games typical of Pinoy Christmas parties. Or so I was told. I couldn’t give a first hand account of the start of the party because we arrived late. We were shopping for stuff we needed for the new house and left for the party from Werribee later than first hoped.

We travelled for an hour and a half from Werribee (west of Melbourne) to Dandenong (east of Melbourne). Basically, the other side of town. Early on, we settled for Tiya Maria’s Pinoy restaurant in Dandenong as the venue for our party. Tiya Maria took care of our Pinoy buffet dinner. The authentic Pinoy dishes certainly made the party more enjoyable as it made us feel like we were celebrating Chirstmas back home in the Philippines.

The restaurant served kare-kare, adobong manok, chopsuey, chicken lollipops and sinigang all with eat-all-you-can rice. The main dishes were complemented by Mike’s famous Chicken Macaroni salad, Elmer the Concert King’s crispy pata and Alma’s yummy chockie cakes. Of course, to wash it all down, there were drinks provided for by Ted, Beah, Maricel and friends.

Now, to back track a bit, karaoke singing followed the opening party games. We arrived at the party midway through the singing with Elmer at the mic. It looked like he was taping the whole party so I could probably still see the start of it later on.

After being forced to sing a couple of songs, Wilma declared that it was at last dinner time. We cheered and promptly took our places on the queue. Having filled my plate, I sat down to have a wonderful dinner.

Dinner was followed by the exchanging of gifts. We were told to buy gifts that represented us in some form and it should be less than $10. Actually, I’m no longer sure if it was supposed to be less or over ten dollars because we saw gifts there that couldn’t possibly be less than ten dollars. Anyway, the gift I bought was a Yamaha YRS-24B Descant/Soprano Recorder. Yeah, I thought I’d try to get somebody else into my new hobby. Raquel didn’t have the time to get anything but since we were often at Bunnings Warehouse lately, she just bought one of those gift voucher cards there.

A little confusion at the random drawing of gifts meant that Ray ended up with his own gift. But that was promptly remedied by having to switch gifts. He ended up having the recorder I bought. I hope he liked it and learns it.

Another round of party games followed and this time, we were there to join in. The games were lastly followed by more karaoke singing. By then, the people started going home leaving only the avid singers behind.

All in all, I enjoyed last night. I didn’t realised how much I missed the Pinoy-flavoured Christmas party until afterwards. Kudos to Wilma and everybody who helped to make last night’s party wonderful.

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