Climbing Nadine Done

Whew. Finally finished with this thing! It’ll be a while before I digitally “paint” something like this again. It just takes too long to do. Even now, I know I could’ve made it better but I settled for “presentable” just so I could call this piece “done.” And so this is now the final version of this piece.

As usual, click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. You could also compare this to the previous two versions: the sketched/work in progress version and the rough coloured-in version.

Done entirely on Photoshop 7 (instead of OpenCanvas which I typically use) and with my Wacom tablet.

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Climbing Nadine – Rough Version

Nadine. Climbing. Rough version. I still haven’t decided whether to finish this with a more comic-book/animation look or a more painted look. I’ll probably go with the former as that is much much easier and faster to do. Yeah, I’m lazy like that.

Also, notice the new costume for Nadine (that is, if you read my comics). This time, she will be wearing chainmail armor unlike before if for no other reason than to increase her Armor Class (just kidding… just a little D&D reference there). Anyway, watch out later on for another version of this same pic.

Digitally drawn using Photoshop 7 and my Wacom tablet.

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Daily Drawing: Daffodil Day

Today in Australia is Daffodil Day. It is not really a holiday but rather Daffodil Day is a “merchandise based national fundraising event of its kind for cancer research, education and patient support in the Southern Hemisphere” as described by Cancer Council Australia. So, with that as an inspiration, I decided to digitally draw this daffodil using Photoshop 7 and my Wacom tablet.

I realized after this that I don’t draw flowers that well. I need more practice. Ah well. That’s why I’m doing these daily drawings anyway.

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Daily Drawing: Nadine and Helix

Nadine and Helix. Click here for the bigger picture.I wanted to post this yesterday but I only finished it just before going to bed. It’s another drawing I quickly sketched up just to meet my goal of drawing something worth posting everyday for practice. As you can see, it’s not the most polished work I’ve drawn to date but I figured it’s good enough to upload.

For those of you who haven’t read my Lovarian Adventures comic, these are two of five main characters of the series: Helix (rogue character) and Nadine (suspected mentally unstable warrior). Before I start drawing the comic again, I want to create new character designs for the lead characters. So here, I deviated from their de facto costumes.

I’ll try to have a more polished drawing for next time though.

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Drawing Again

I’m back into drawing again. It’s been a while since I last updated my webcomic Lovarian Adventures and now I’m seriously thinking of taking it up again. But before I do so, I will want to make some character design changes including their equipment.

With that, I’ve posted a page from my drawing book where I have different designs for Helix’s dagger/knife.

Anyway, I’ll try to draw daily to avoid losing my drawing skill. I’ll post any new drawings on this blog.

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