Workaholic? Me?

I’ve never been the workaholic type. Sure, I’m used to devoting endless hours to personal projects and gaming but not actual office work. At the office, I’m usually aching to get out of there when it’s the prescribed close of business time.

Lately, I’m finding myself staying later than usual to finish off some loose ends at the office. The thing is, I don’t actually mind in those instances. I feel like work is becoming a game I need to win. I also felt the least stress at work I’ve ever been for years.

I think I’ve become a workaholic when I wasn’t paying attention. I feel proud for what I’ve accomplished at work and what I’m continually accomplishing. I also take it seriously if I make mistakes. I want to be the best that I can be.

If my past me could see what I’m like now, he wouldn’t believe it.

I guess striving to achieve a sort of promotion at work is keeping me very motivated to work hard and smart. It’s like a game where I’m trying to get my character to the next level up.

Unlike games, I have no real gauge as to how close I am to going up a level. I’ll just have to keep working at it in the hope that I’m making a difference. The good part is that it doesn’t feel like work. I find myself having fun right now.

Okay, it may be fun but I still hope that there is an added benefit for me at the end of the day. Having more disposable income is, of course, always welcome, specially when having a family.

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  1. “…specially when having a family.”

    Are you guys expecting a baby?

  2. imma workaholic too! i’ll even go here at work this sunday just to print 2000 pages. and i’ll be the only one. sad.

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