Madeira cake out of a box

I’m not a fan of anything pre-mixed but figured I should probably try some before I knock them so when the local supermarket had a promotion of 2 cake mixes for cheap, I bought two. This is the first of the two I’ve baked. I followed the instructions on the box exactly, going as far as timing the mixing on the stop watch function of my mobile phone. It’s pretty much fool-proof I guess, just add two eggs and milk.

The finished product came out looking just like the photo on the box and the cake was moist and had a very nice texture to it. We weren’t too keen on the lemony taste of the cake though and I bought most of the batch to work. A work mate rated it “very nice”.

Hmmm… maybe this pre-mix thing isn’t too bad after all? Don’t know about that though as I scanned the ingredients list on the box and saw several ingredients with numbers in them (477 or some such thing). I guess they’re okay for when you’re in a pinch or just can’t be bothered making things from scratch but I won’t make a habit of it.

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  1. hello.kmusta na po?pasyensya na po talaga kau nuon sa nangyari masyado lang po talaga akong nagalala naghihingi po talaga ako ng sorry sa inyong dalawa ni ate raquel.20 years old lang po ako.pasyensya na po talaga.

  2. @Fatima: Oooh, that choco pudding’s look scrumptious. Would have to try that out sometime.

  3. You’re right, pre-mix is great if you want a quick fix for a sweet tooth. I can vouch for the yummy goodness of Greens chocolate pudding one:

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