What’s wrong with this picture?

Bought these two tins of tuna from the supermarket on special. Aside from blurring out the brand name, the subjects and the photo were not changed in any way.

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  1. @lui: Hehe… well, unless tomatoes turn white, the one on the left would always be the tomato based one. Got confused there a bit when I read plurker – I thought you were either referring to the social network site or made a contraction of “plucky lurker”. 😀 Thanks for coming out of hiding!

    @Inggo: Mali yung packaging, wrong thing went into the tin. Shocking di ba, di ko akalain na pwedeng mangyari yan sa gamit na binili dito 😛

    @Pa3k: Haha… o di kaya namuti sa takot nung na-expose sa liwanag? 😉

  2. Mukhang nilamig yung mantika ng isang tuna 😕

  3. uh… sira ba yung isa o talagang mali lang yung packaging? 😮

  4. ooopps I meant ‘long-time lurker’ 😀 not plurker 😀

  5. so which is the real Tuna with caramelised onion and tomato?
    (long-time plurker, first-time commenter 🙂 )

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