Back pain

It started yesterday late afternoon. I had just finished the module I was working on when I began feeling mild discomfort from the bottom part of my left shoulder blade. It felt similar to the pain of having had my back exposed to cold night air for too long.

It progressively worsen during the night. From mild discomfort, it soon became unbearably painful at times. Unlike my previous back aches that stop aching if I lie down, this one actually persists even when lying in bed. There was practically no position or pose I could take that would make the pain go away. I was able to position myself so that the pain would at least be bearable.

I also noticed that inhaling deeply also intensified the pain. It seemed that any movement of my lower left back ribs triggered the stabbing pain. All I can do was wince and really grit my teeth to stop myself from screaming in agony. I had hoped that the pain would be gone the next morning, but no. If anything, it seemed worse. Anything I did made me wince in pain.

It was a difficult day at work today. I was making groaning noises at my desk as I’m coding. Most of my office mates were concerned for my well being, I’m glad to report. They were trying to convince me to just go home and get some rest or go to a doctor to have my back checked out.

I know that it was most likely just a muscle strain from bad posture or something but I decided to go see my doctor anyway. Just to be sure. Might as well go since I was long due for a check-up anyway. I was supposed to go back to my doctor for a follow-up check-up after three months. That was back in February last year. So I was a bit embarrassed to show my face there again but I could not have my back not checked out.

At the doctor’s clinic this afternoon, the doctor confirmed that it was just a form of muscle strain. The medical term for it escapes me right now. He said that I could either see a physiotherapist or just try to weather it out. The other piece of good news I got from going to my doctor was my blood pressure dropped since my last visit last year. And this was despite my being stressed about the pain I’m feeling.

Now, I’m home and the back is still painful. It seems like sitting really straight is the only position that provides the least pain. I’m tired from enduring the pain and I just want to lie down and sleep but I sort of dread lying down. I just hope tomorrow is a better day.

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