Of age and beers

We were having some friends over for dinner a fortnight ago and as part of our preparation, have decided to purchase a few bottles of beer for our guests. We headed to the local liquor shop and after browsing for some time, realised that we have no idea what to get. We both don’t drink beer and apart from purchasing cheap beer for cooking, have had no occasion to buy it at all. While seeking advice from hubby’s work colleague via a phone call, we wandered out of the bottle shop and into the supermarket next door.

We had to prepare a dish for the dinner anyway so I figured we could save some time by grabbing a few things while hubby consults with his work mate. After filling up our trolley with the items we needed, I had hubby wait in a queue and pay for the groceries. I asked him what to get for the beers and went to the adjoining shop to get them, again in the interest of saving time. Since we visited just a few minutes earlier, I knew where exactly to get the six-pack we needed. I grabbed the bottles and went straight to the register where there were a couple of men already waiting to be served.

I debated with myself on whether to pay for cash or credit and had my wallet open while waiting for my turn. My purchase amounted to less than $20 and I don’t want to wait around to have my credit card swiped into the reader, wait for the transaction to be approved, sign the slip and having the cashier compare my signature with that on the card. Cash it is.

When my turn came, I placed the box of beer on the counter and had the cash on hand ready for a grab-and-go transaction. The frazzled lady took one look at me and then at the beer and said, “May I see some identification please?” I nearly laughed out loud but instead mumbled, “Sure” and showed her my driver’s license. She took one look and accepted the money I was handing her.

Hubby was waiting for me just outside the liquor shop with the trolley loaded up with our groceries so I hurried out and told him about the incident. He laughed and asked if the woman had a double look at my ID. I said no and told him to keep his voice down.

The legal age of drinking in Australia is 18. I admit I didn’t have the best clothes on when I bought the six-pack and my hair wasn’t styled at all so it was just plastered against my face. I must have looked like a student to her buying some drinks for herself and some mates on a Saturday evening after some grueling study session. Who knows?

Just days before the incident, I was asking hubby whatever happened to the years as I contemplated life as I approach middle age. I find it heartening that although I may feel world weary at times, some people could still mistake me for someone (almost) half my age. That lady sure made my day.

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  1. Yeah, perhaps it has something to do with Filipinos being so cheerful despite the circumstances. 🙂 I did try to enter Crown Casino once and nearly got stopped at the entrance.

    I guess now I know why the train ticket inspectors always look at me so suspiciously everytime I try to cross the barriers (hah! only to be disappointed when they realise I’m not using a concession card) Haven’t tried pigtails yet, I might just end up laughing all the time and give myself away 😛

  2. My friend Tony tells me that it’s a particularly Filipino quality: being sort of ageless. He says it’s sometimes hard to tell how old we actually are because of how youthful we tend to look! Nice. I can look forward to being 60 and looking 40. (Like my mom). But anyway, I’d love to see you try to buy cigarettes, enter a nightclub, etc. :d Or you could borrow a school uniform and just turn up to class one day. You’d look cute in pigtails.

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