Canned food, anyone?

With a few exceptions, I buy very little canned food since my parents taught me growing up that anything out of a can would most probably have a high sodium content and nothing could really compare with a good, home-cooked meal. Hubby, on the other hand, has no such qualms about getting canned goods. In fact, he’d get canned food that he’d like to “try” when we are out grocery shopping.

Unfortunately for him, he’s usually disappointed with the quality and taste. His recent purchase from the local Filipino shop is no exception. Purefoods’ Chorizo Bilbao style sausage was packed in lard and it immediately turned hubby off that he wanted to throw it out right after he lifted the lid off the can.

Not one to want to waste food, I encouraged him to at least try it but he simply refused. I microwaved one sausage in the hopes that he’d change his mind. This was how it looked like after it got nuked. It looked quite normal after I heated it but hubby won’t have none of it. Curious, I took one bite, chewed a couple of times and got the whole thing out of my mouth. It was very salty (like the whole thing was made of solidified salt) and tasted nothing like a sausage. Fail.

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  1. @Fatima: If you like chorizo, a better alternative would be Primo’s Continental Chorizo available at the chilled food section at the supermarket. It tastes way better than this canned version!

    @Jastin: I think I’ve heard of the canned hamburger although haven’t seen one yet. Trust GJ to try that too if he sees it though. :p

    @Jet: Agree, hirap nga lang minsan di bumili ng processed lalo na kung things na nami-miss namin tapos di readily available dito. Kaya tuloy todo kain kami pag umuwi ng pinas. hehe…

    @Alma: Hilakbot actually ang naiisip kong word pag nakikita ko yung naunang picture. Haha… I guess you’re right that canned goods like these are better suited as an ingredient to a dish although I can’t get pass the horrible salty taste enough to save it for fried rice for example.

  2. nakakapangilabot yung dami ng mantika. i think this is better mixed in cooking dishes rather than consuming it on its own.

  3. kami din, iwas na, hindi lang sa canned food but from most of the processed food. basta processed kasi, aasahan mo talaga mataas sa sodium cause of the need to preserve them.

  4. how about canned hamburger? they have it elsewhere, ya know. :d
    where do you go for your filipino goodies? there’re 2 in your area, i believe.

  5. Two words. Double eww.

    Pity. I like chorizos. But I’ll pass on the canned ones.

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