Fairytales and Fables

We’ve been planning to see the latest sand sculpture exhibit for some time now and the long weekend provided us with the opportunity to finally haul ourselves to Frankston. Frankston is a suburb about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from us so we had to plan the trip. The drive was uneventful and although the day was hot, it wasn’t exactly the sunny, clear day I had hoped it to be. Thus, some of the skies in our photos came out flat, with its lifeless white background. We were a bit disappointed that the castle shown in the brochures and other promotional material about the exhibit could not be found in the exhibit itself. However, we still enjoyed ourselves and had fun trying to identify fairy tale characters depicted in the sculptures.

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  1. Fatima: Yeah, they did show the “tricks” on how to make the sand sculptures at the site, too. I still find the actual sculptures awesome though. 🙂

    Alma: I can’t believe it either! But it’s not to late. You can still go! Go now! 😉 And golf? I guess that means you’re going to beat me pretty bad if I ever go against you in putt-putt golf. 😛

  2. I can’t believe we missed out on this, to think we are only a few minutes away from Frankston. My obsession with golf has made me snob of other events and happenings around Melbourne. No good.

  3. When we went to see sand sculptures at Birrarung Marr (part of Moomba Festival) a few years ago, it was an overcast day too! We brought a non digital SLR camera with B & W film (how quaint) which brought out the details of the sculptures nicely, but I still had to enhance the levels in some photos because the contrast was too low. (PS I was slightly disillusioned that they don’t really use just sand – there are other materials that hold the piece together; it’s like learning how a magic trick works).

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