Venturing out of Auto

I’ve just started reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and the first exercise in the book is to take a portrait. Although the book specified taking the photo in Manual mode, f/5.6 is indicated as the aperture and the shutter speed is to be adjusted based on what the camera deems to be the correct one for the optimal exposure. So in effect, it’s just aperture priority but hey, I’m taking my first steps out of the Auto mode of my camera.

The first time I attempted taking portraits, it was all in Auto mode which produced a somewhat dark exposure. I like the results of my second attempt better. Hubby was game as acting as my model although he did get a bit bored. Here are the best shots from this weekend’s practice session.

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Fairy tale art

I’m currently trying to build up a bit of digital art portfolio that can better represent what I can do, art-wise. That meant also doing art at a very high resolution. It wasn’t as easy as doing stuff real small. I really have to be careful with the lines I draw because I’m drawing them zoomed out and mistakes aren’t as easily visible. I only find out about these mistakes when I zoom in to look up close.

As subjects for these newer pieces, I followed Raquel’s suggestion of using characters for fairy tales. First one was Rapunzel and the latest one is Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan story. These two pieces were coloured and “inked” differently but that’s probably not too noticeable when zoomed out. I’m still experimenting with the colouring and I feel like I’m close to getting to a method I’ll be satisfied with.



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