The mystery of the empty Coke can

I should’ve posted this anecdote a while back but since I’ve been too lazy to update the blog recently, I’ve only written about it today.

After coming home from buying our weekly groceries last Sunday, Raquel decided to rearrange our pantry to make room for the recently bought goods. While clearing out the bottom-most level of the pantry where we kept the stack of soda cans, she noticed a black sticky puddle. It seemed that one of the cans of Coke had sprung a leak!

Although that in itself was weird, what’s weirder was that the Coke can with the leak was now empty but there wasn’t any obvious holes in it. The tab on it seemed intact and there were no puncture holes anywhere on the can’s surface.

We even submerged the whole can in a bucket of water to see where bubbles would appear to locate where the hole was, but there was nothing. I was even squeezing the can to see if I can push the air in it out through the invisible hole but there was nothing again.

So now, we have a completely sealed empty can of Coke and a black-stained pantry floor but with no reasonable explanation as to how the Coke fluid spilled out of its can. If any of you can explain how this could’ve happened, please let us know.

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  1. Hey, I’m cleaning out my pantry and found a couple cases of pop… one mountain dew and one cream soda… that had been pushed to the back and forgotten about. Sticky mess doesn’t begin to describe it… more like superglue!! But as I’m pulling the cans out of there, I’m finding every single one is partially-filled to empty. No rhyme or reason to it, but there isn’t a full can in the bunch. Some are totally dry. And not a single one has any apparent hole in it.

    I’d love to know why. Must be aliens.

  2. I see this is such an old post but actually it did happen to us too – we collect cokes cans from around the world. I blamed my kids for getting something on the wall but actually the can has sprung the smallest of holes and just continually emptied over time – I was so glad to figure out the mystery of the black sludge. I imagine that coke is corrosive and eats through those cans eventually.

  3. check out this thread.

  4. That’s even stranger than when I place a can of Coke in our fridge and the whole thing disappears, contents and can.

    Thermal expansion (of an improperly sealed can) explains the leak, but not why it’s completely emptied.

  5. Hi.. this “phenomenon” always happens.. i collect coke cans from all over the world.. and once in awhile i see those same “black puddle” but “intact coke cans”… one of the mysteries of life?

  6. Ah. Great idea. Thanks.

  7. Thermal expansion on a particularly hot day creating a gap somewhere on the can, and closing it again when the weather got cooler? Try doing the bubble test on hot water…

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