Daily 30-minute drawings

I started drawing the Lovarian Adventures webcomics back in 2001 to keep myself from getting bored and lonely. I started drawing three full comic pages per week at the start but eventually slowed down to drawing one page per week by the time I stopped drawing comics altogether.

Still, over the five or so years I’ve been drawing the comics, the best thing I’ve gained from it was that doing it had improved my artwork considerably. It probably stemmed from my being forced to draw on a regular basis to keep up with my self-imposed page update schedule.

However, now that I haven’t been drawing comics in a while, I’m afraid that my skill would just continue to stagnate if I don’t practice. So, I decided to do something about it starting yesterday.

I know I probably don’t have the time nor the will to start doing webcomics again at this point in time so that’s out of the question. I needed to do something that I can stick to. It has to be fairly regular and doesn’t take too long to do.

What I eventually came up with was that I should draw something with the intention to post it on my DeviantArt gallery everyday (except weekends and holidays) that will only take a maximum of 30 minutes to draw. Mainly, it should look more finished that the typical doodles I draw in my drawing books. I should add colour to it if there’s time.

I’m hoping that by doing this daily exercise, I’m giving myself a chance not only to improve but to experiment a little. I’m also hoping that in a few weeks’ time, I’d be drawing faster and better than now.

Lastly, I also hope that I can keep on doing this self-imposed exercise.

Click on the thumbnail above to zoom in on my first drawing in this series of exercises.

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  1. Hi Vince, I think it is Arthur Delaney but I could be mistaken too. I’ve been there and yes, you can buy lots of relatively cheap art supplies there. You can also do the same at Reject Shop actually. I’m not too picky with my art supplies myself. If it I like the feel of it, I don’t care if it was inexpensive. 🙂

  2. Speaking of sketching. While scouring Swanston St for cheap Christmas gifts I found a basement-level discount store called Arthur Delaney (or Daley, I forgot). Anyway, in one section they sell a small assortment of artist brushes, charcoal pencils, sketch pads, colored pencils, acrylics, and oils. Caveat emptor on the quality, but they look good enough to me.

    These are the analog kinds of artist materials of course (where you have to wash your hands after doing your painting).

    They may not interest you, but I just thought to mention it.

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