For the win… again!

Last October, I announced in this post [For the win] that I won in my company’s Melbourne Artist of the Year 2007 art competition held annually. Got myself a fragile glass trophy, an 80Gb iPod Classic and an iPod-compatible speaker system as a result.

Several days later, as I wrote this post [The drawing that keeps on giving], my department decided to reward me for “spectacular performance” for my achievement in winning the competition. I got awarded a $100 JB Hi-Fi gift card from the powers-that-be of our department.

Later on, I was informed by the organisers of the competition that this will be the first year that our company would launch a national version of the company’s annual artist competition where the winning works of the different branches get pitted against one another.

A few weeks ago, the organisers sent me invited the top three winners of the Melbourne art contest to a morning tea meeting to supposedly discuss the national competition. Today, was that day.

There, it was announced that I actually won the first ever National Artist of the Year competition. The judge who decided the winner was a curator of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Another curator! I was already very happy to have won (again!) but I was even happier that a curator thought that my work deserved to win.

I got another glass trophy and special gift voucher for a fancy Italian restaurant in Melbourne hand-signed by the owner of the establishment (my officemate pointed out that that was apparently such an honour). I couldn’t believe that my one sketch got me this much recognition and prizes. I should definitely join more competitions.

By the way, I was told that I should return the trophy for next year’s competition. Apparently, the trophy is just for rent. The next winner will get the same trophy with his or her name added at the bottom of mine. I guess it’s a good and a bad thing. Bad because I don’t get to keep it. Good because my name will be immortalised, sort of. At least while the trophy remains in one piece.

I’d like to end this post on a story that’s related to this day’s announcement. The email invitation I got didn’t mention anything about me winning the national competition. However, all my officemates got a totally different email.

One day, as I was walking into the office from the outside, an colleague yelled out to me. He said that I won the national competition. He pointed me to an email he got where he was being invited to the meeting where it was going to be officially announced. I started reading the email where it said that I did won and that I’d be getting a trophy.

My friend continued to read the same email where he left off then suddenly started blocking his monitor while saying, “Don’t read anymore!” Apparently, at the bottom of the email was a message in bold red letters saying that they should keep the fact that I won secret from me until the official announcement! Too late. He blew it.

We all had a laugh about it. The warning should have been at the top of the message. I guess if I had come in the office a little bit later, my friend would’ve had the time to completely finish reading the email along with the red bolded message.

So, early today, I had to pretend not to know that I would win when it was announced. It wasn’t difficult though. I was surprised that the national winner was decided by another big-time art gallery curator so I just carried that feeling up to the point where the winner was officially announced. I had to retell the story about the boo-boo to my other officemates though that were also pretending not to know because they thought I didn’t know.

I thank God for the gift of art He gave me. I hope that I’ll be able to win again next year. But I feel like that’s a long shot. Lightning never strikes twice and all that. I’ll still submit something of course because you never know.

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  1. Thanks Marissa! We should definitely meet one of these days. The only problem though is that I’m just a little bit too busy lately. Anyway, congrats on the new baby! 😀

  2. Hey Geejay

    Congrats! How come I am so proud of your achievements as if I know you personally?

    Keep up the good work!

    Please say hello to Raquel.

    PS. I have a new addition to our Mia!

  3. Thanks guys! And Alma, no worries. 🙂 Got your card too. :d

  4. J,

    Congratulations! It’s a great talent you have. Cultivate it some more.

    Also, thank you for the beautiful Christmas card.

    Merry Christmas to Raquel and you!

  5. Wow. Congratulations! Although I guess I am not that surprised, given how well you draw!!

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