Lax justice

One of the striking things I’ve noticed about Australia is that the punishment handed out to convicted persons seem to be very lenient as compared to that in Asia (from what I’ve read, at least). For example, in a lot of Southeast Asian countries, drug trafficking is punishable by death. Granted I’m against the death penalty but I think these people deserve very long prison sentences at the very least. Here, a head of a drug syndicate got jailed for just 17 years. That’s the head of the syndicate! Accomplices got between six to 12 years each.

I’m not sure about other Asian countries but in the Philippines, rape is considered a heinous crime and is again punishable by death. I’m reiterating that I’m against the death penalty so everytime I mention that a crime is punsihable by death, keep in mind that I’m not condoning it. My point is that it was considered so heinous that it deserved capital punishment.

But here, a 10 year old girl was gang raped by eight teenage males and one 26-year old male. The attackers were tried and were convicted. However, that won’t go into the teenagers’ criminal records. They even got suspended sentences! That meant no jail time for any of these offenders. Why? Because the judge thought that the little girl “probably agreed” to it! What the hell?! At least, Australians, for the most part, were just as outraged with the verdict as I was.

I’m not sure if longer prison sentences actually act as a deterent for would-be criminals, but I would like for the criminals to at least get the punishment they deserve.

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