Vintage Christmas art contest

You may be wondering why there hasn’t been any new posts in this blog for several days now. Well, I’m very busy with work during the day and I’m also very busy doing extra-curricular activities at night.

At first, my nightly activities mainly involved playing my newly bought Orange Box game from Valve (the creators of Half-Life 2 and Counterstrike). Actually, it’s not just one game but five games in one box: the original Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2. I actually already finished the original Half-Life 2 a while back so I didn’t need to play that again. I’ve been mostly addicted to playing Portal and Team Fortress 2. I have yet to play through Episode One and I still feel that I have already got the $50 worth I paid to buy the Orange Box online.

Anyway, later on, I decided to stop playing so that I can do some bit of artwork. I wanted to draw something Christmas-related. I have two reasons for wanting to draw this but I can only give you one right now.

There is a Christmas-theme contest currently going on at DeviantArt (the online art community I’m part of). The theme is “Vintage Christmas”. Here is a short description of the contest from the contest organiser: misskittyoooo.

Something that is Vintage is “Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.”. So for this contest you are to create an old, classic style Christmas postcard that is brimming with holiday spirit! This is not a contest for a grinch or a scrooge, this is a contest for those true young at heart that is filled with the holiday spirit, and keeps it all the year! This is a contest for people who love the rosy cheeked santas, ribbons and candles on Christmas trees.

With that, here is my entry for the contest:

I have no illusions of winning this one but I am hoping that this would get me a bit of exposure in the community. As for the second purpose of this art project, I’ll reveal that later.

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  1. Hehe. Yep, I know this. I’ve been playing CS since when it first came out as a mod for HL. I guess I shouldn’t have used “from the creators of”. 😛

  2. Technically speaking, Valve didn’t create Counter Strike – it began as a mod which was then turned into a commerical game by Valve.

  3. Hey Jio. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Not bad, GJ. I love that you added that “Pinoy touch” in there with the “belen” scene decoration.

    As long as the flames don’t lick the ends of the socks then I would think no fires will break out there, hehe.

  5. Hey Vince! Cards! Darn, I forgot about those. I guess that just goes to show how much Christmas cards we get since moving to Oz. :)>-

    LOL on socks being a fire hazard. It’s another thing I haven’t really thought of since we don’t really have a fire place.

    Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  6. GJ, you know I’m a fan, but you don’t seem to have any traditional Christmas cards anywhere in the scene. Christmas is about keeping in touch with family and friends.

    And the socks just in front of an open fire is a real fire hazard.

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