I just want to keep this short. The Australian Federal election is less than a week from now and the major political parties are coming out in full force with their political campaign ads. And the Liberal Party’s TV ads annoy me to no end.

Not once did I hear from the Liberal Party’s TV ads what their party is going to do for the country if they get re-elected into parliament for another term. What is their platform? Well, you won’t know it from just watching their ads. Instead, you’ll only hear scaremongering and mud-slinging from the ads.

Imagine if companies advertise their products in such a way. McDonald’s ads will only show how Burger King’s burgers are less tasty than theirs. Bunnings Warehouse ads will only show how Mitre 10’s shops are lacking in selection and how much more expensive their stuff are. Toyota ads will only show how Mitsubishi cars are less reliable. And so on. Ads that don’t help sell a product but only exist to try to dissuade you from buying a competitor’s product.

It makes the Liberal Party look very desperate. It seems like they think that the only way they can win this election is by making sure nobody votes for the other party. They claimed that 70% of the Labor Party’s people were union officials like it will bring about communism into the country. The funny thing is that the figure they quoted wasn’t even correct. I’ve heard on radio that the number of former union officials were much lower than 70% and Peter Costello acknowledged this, yet they continued to run the ad that claimed 70%.

Here is that ad: Watch in YouTube
Here is the transcript from the radio programme: Read the Insiders transcript interview with Peter Costello

This is my first federal election. I previously didn’t care one way or the other which party becomes the ruling party. But with statements from current Prime Minister John Howard saying that climate change doesn’t mean the end of the world, I’d rather go with Labor just to see him out of Parliament. In fact, climate change does mean the end of the world! John Howard may be too old to witness it first hand but what about the younger generation, HUH?!

It doesn’t help that I just hate scaremongering tactics because people tend to fall for them, more often than not. I feel like these tactics take advantage of people who are less informed. It feels like cheating to me, is all.

Anyway, I just want to vent out. Vote for anybody but the Liberal party, for me.

Here are some more of the Liberal Party’s ads:
Under Labor, who will run the economy?
Unions to Take Control of our Economy

Contrast those with the Labor Party’s ads:
The difference between Kevin Rudd and Mr Howard
Kevin Rudd’s vision for Australia

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  1. Hi Linda. I must admit that both have been pretty bad. I just thought that Liberal was worse. I’m also considering just putting the Greens as my #1 choice on election. But people have warned me that the Greens are a bit on the extremists side. Don’t know if I should believe them.

  2. I think this election campaign has to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen – and that goes for both sides! Both parties are disgusting if you ask me! My vote is going to be for the lesser of two evils – sad, really.

  3. Hi Vince, thanks for giving the point of view from the Liberal side. 😀 And I also don’t buy the “Howard’s been around too long” argument either, that’s why I didn’t mention it. I guess the main reason for me not wanting the Liberal party is due to their environment stance more than anything else. That and Labor seem more intent on modernizing the country with broadband and technology.

    I guess it just all comes down to different strokes for different folks. And too bad for Howard you can’t vote yet. 😛

  4. Interesting. I am solidly for the Liberals.

    I just believe that the best way to have a good labour market is to have a business-friendly environment, which I believe the Liberals are for.

    If you make it easy for people to put up businesses, jobs will follow. The Philippines is a labour-friendly economy (high minimum wages, lots of labourer friendly laws, very difficult to hire, maintain, and fire employees). Remember the KMU and how many businesses they disrupted? That’s the country we left.

    In contrast, Hong Kong and Singapore are business friendly economies. Compare the pair, as the super ads say.

    Apart from that, I really try to find substance in Rudd’s speeches but I just cannot find any. I am really scared for Australia if he becomes PM.

    The worst reason I’ve been hearing about for voting Labour is that “Howard’s been around too long. It’s time for change”. Huh?!? That’s not a reason. I’m glad I didn’t see that in your post. I’ve been married for 10 years. What if my wife decides it’s time for a change simply because I’ve been around too long?

    Just look at Australia under Liberal. Compare with other countries. The economy is so good I could choose the job I want. You could and did choose the job you want. Unemployment is very low.

    So Liberal for me 🙂

    Too bad for Howard that I cannot yet vote. 😦

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