Long way around

It’s the day before Melbourne Cup Day. A lot of people didn’t come to work to take advantage of a four-day-long weekend. I wasn’t one of them. It was actually quite pleasant to come to work when a lot of people didn’t. There’s less traffic and less crowding. And there were more fruits left in the fruit boxes this morning, too.

Anyway, come lunch time, I was raring to meet up with Raquel at Australia on Collins for lunch. Raquel microwaves our packed lunch while I hurry off to the meeting place and buy two orders of small steamed rice at the Chinese fast food counter. We do this often enough that the people working at the Chinese fast food recognises us and knows our order even before we make it.

I thought it was going to be an easy tram ride from the East end of Collins Street down to the Swanston Street tram stop (going down West). However, when I got to the tram stop, there weren’t any people. There weren’t even any cars along Collins Street. I thought that was odd.

I looked down toward the west end of Collins Street and it seemed like the road was blocked off. Darn. That meant I had to walk all the way to Oz on Collins which was two blocks away. I was pretty hungry at the time so I really could’ve used a tram just about then.

When I finally got near to Swanston Street, I discovered that the whole street was barricaded to make way for the Melbourne Cup parade going through Swanston. That also meant that there was no way for me to cross to the other side of Collins Street where Raquel was waiting for me with our lunch! Just what I needed, more delays.

I then walked north along Swanston Street’s east sidewalk looking for a gap in the barricade where I could cross over to the west side of the city. After a block and a half, I finally got to the end of the barricade. However, the barricade actually only turned into Swanston Street from Bourke Street. That meant that I had to continue walking west with the hope that the next major street won’t be blocked off.

One block later, I turned south and walked the block and half distance back to Collins Street. Thankfully, the parade has moved on and I was able to walk straight to Collins Street without further delays. When I got to Collins Street, I turned east toward Swanston Street. Another half-block later, I finally arrived Oz on Collins and had my lunch with Raquel.

Too bad I was hungry and in a rush to get lunch, though. I wasn’t able to stick around Swanston Street and take photos of the celebrities, the bands and performers that were in the parade.

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