What creeps me out?

There was a question posed to the hosts of ExtraLife Radio, one of my favourite podcasts, on its Halloween episode: what creeps you out? Since, it is nearly Halloween anyway, I thought I might also share five things that creeped me out when I was younger.

1. Baby dolls. I hate them even now, specially those with very shiny eyes that close when you tilt their heads back. Imagine a bedroom filled with dolls at night with the lights out except for the moonlight shining through the window. That little bit of light is then reflected in the eyes of these creepy baby dolls just sitting there on the shelf, always smiling and looking straight at you while you try to sleep.

2. Department store mannequins. I guess this is somewhat related to my repulsion toward dolls. When I was very young, I couldn’t stand even looking at mannequins whenever my Mom would bring me along with her to the department store. They looked very unnatural to me because, although they looked human, they were inanimate like some petrified dead person.

3. Windows without curtains (or blinds). I was afraid of opening my eyes in the middle of the night and see somebody (or something) staring down at me from the bare window. Actually, the curtains have to be thick so that I wouldn’t be able to even see the silhouette of someone standing behind the window. What did I think would be standing behind the windows? I was afraid to see a hovering aswang (Philippine vampire/ghoul) or a ghost staring at me.

4. Big old portraits like those serious black and white photos of somebody dead or religious iconographic paintings, specially those ones where the person in the portrait has eyes that seem to be looking straight at you wherever in the room you might be.

5. Odd noises in the middle of the night. One night when I was maybe ten years old while I trying to fall asleep, I heard what seemed like the cry of a very young child from afar. It was crying repeatedly, “Dad! Dad! Dad!” I looked at the clock sitting on top of the desk nearby. It was exactly midnight! What kind of father would leave his child outside at this hour, I thought. If that wasn’t suitably creepy enough, the cry started to grow louder, as if it was getting closer and closer to my bedroom window. I put my pillow on top of my head to cover my ears until I fell asleep. I guess that’s where I got my habit of sleeping with a pillow on my head. In hindsight, I now believe (or at least I want to believe) that the crying was probably just some shrieking cat.

There you go. How about you? What creeps you out?

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