The drawing that keeps on giving

I’m so glad I joined my Company’s Artist of the Year competition. I’m also glad that I started at the Company just a few weeks before the competition ended or I wouldn’t even have had the chance to join this year’s competition. As you may already know by now, I won the competition and I’m very thankful for the recognition, the award and prizes I got for winning.

However, just when I thought I have nothing left to be thankful for, I got this email from our division’s administrator (I’ve reworded the actual email, of course):

To: Gabriel
CC: Executive Director, HR Director, Executive Assistant
Subject: Melb (Department name) Recognition – Congratulations

Melbourne (Department name) Recognition Program

Rewarding you for your Spectacular Performance for your achievement in winning the Artist of the Year.

Congratulations on your award Gabriel! You have been nominated by the executive director and awarded a JB HI-FI voucher valued at $100.

Kind Regards,
(Department) Administrator

I couldn’t believe it! I’m very thankful to the executive director for nominating me for an additional award. A hundred bucks at JB Hi-Fi is nothing to sneeze at, too. I can buy more iPod accessories, CDs, DVDs or games with that money. I’ll most likely spend the voucher on more iPod gear though.

I told my friends at work that the drawing I submitted was like a drawing that kept on giving. And when I told Raquel about this, she said the exact same thing. Just goes to show how well we know each other, doesn’t it? I now wonder whether there will be any more future surprise prizes or awards for this one drawing. I highly doubt it but who knows?

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