Did we jinx the office?

As you may well know by now, I joined The Company as a software developer about eleven weeks ago. Actually, there were three of us developers who started that day. It seemed like the managers were thinking of expanding the team. Including us newcomers, the team was nearly twenty people strong.

I like the idea of working with a bigger team. It meant that the project and product knowledge is probably spread out a bit more. It’s going to be rare that only one person knows about a bit of technology or module and such. It also meant less pressure as everything won’t hinge on only one person (specially if that one person is me).

Anyway, maybe a couple of days after joining, I discovered that one of the contractors was leaving. Well, I wasn’t too surprised by that bit of news because I already knew that there was someone from the team who applied for a job in my old company. It turned out to be that contractor who was leaving.

Then, a few days later, while going down the lifts with one senior member of the team, I discovered that he was leaving the team, too! So, that’s two people who are leaving at about the same time.

But that wasn’t all. Later on, I found out that there was another contractor who wanted to move on to a different client. He left a few weeks after the first two. The team was down three people two months since we started working there. I supposed management already knew about the three people leaving even before we got the job. So, three people joining offset the three people leaving.

However, just when I thought that we probably need more new people to compensate for those that had left, our manager, the guy that hired me, informed all of us that he had accepted a reassignment to the UK. He announced his move during our Friday team-building event at a lawn bowling club. He would still work for the Company but he would no longer be our boss or part of our team. It was certainly a shock when I heard it. He’s a very cool boss and I was partly convinced to take the job due to my interactions with him during the interview stage of my job application. I hope that if they do find a replacement for him, it will be someone who is just as cool.

Come Monday, some of us were still shaken by the news of the manager’s move to the UK. But we were to receive more shocking news. Our director announced that our team leader was retiring in a few weeks’ time. Our team leader admitted that the timing was a bit bad but she had already planned this for some time before our manager’s announcement to move.

During one morning developers’ meeting, we joked that there should be a moratorium on people resigning after the news of our team leader’s retirement. But, there was one person who didn’t get the memo. Just this week, another senior member announced that he was leaving, too.

That’s three people who have left and three people who are leaving soon. We joke that maybe we newbies jinxed the team by triggering this mass exodus of senior people. I just hope that nobody else leaves in the near future. Not until we get more knowledge and develpment experience on the product.

At least our director was kind enough to remind us of the bright side of all these senior people leaving: there would now be more window-side desks available for the rest of us.

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