A Little Siesta

Earlier this week, I went magazine-browsing at Mag Nation, our favourite magazine shop in the city. Raquel and I go there sometimes during our lunch break to read the various local and imported magazines. The cool thing about Mag Nation is that customers are absolutely welcome to browse. Kind of like Borders (another favourite shop). They also offer free Internet access via Wi-fi there, in case you are interested. I sometimes wonder how they can stay in business.

While there, I noticed that they also sold ImagineFX, a UK-based digital fantasy art magazine that has stories on current digital and traditional fantasy artists, tips on art techniques and art workshops. Even though I didn’t usually buy magazines at Mag Nation, I bought this one. It really inspired me to start drawing or painting digitally again.

I know I need a lot of practice since I haven’t really done a lot of artwork lately. So, I went through my old drawing books for some inspiration on what subject to play around with. Then, Raquel saw these series of sketches I did of her in a cutesy style in one of my drawing books. She liked the one where she was depicted as having a little siesta. She wanted to use it as an avatar for her MSN Messenger.

I thought it was a good piece to start with and to play around with Painter IX’s settings. I scanned in the old sketch first. Then I digitally re-inked the sketch in Painter IX. After that I coloured it. And here is the result:

A Little Siesta

It is a small piece so it should’ve taken me a short time to do. However, I was playing around with the different Painter settings and brushes so it took me a while longer to finish. I think I got it to a level of quality that is presentable.

I really need a lot of practice thought to reach the a professional level of quality. I’m hoping that if I can significantly improve my art skill, I can probably earn some money out of this doing commissions or something. One can always dream. Hope you guys like the piece above.

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