Lucky Face

While running for the tram stop during my lunch break, I passed a tall dark Indian man in a gray business suit and horn-rimmed glasses walking in the opposite direction. He stopped and called out to me.

Maybe I knew the guy, I thought, so I stopped. After giving a better look, I decided that he was a complete stranger. But what did he want?

“You have a lucky face!” said the stranger with all smiles as he gestured his thumb vertically down across his face. Huh?! I’m a little hard of hearing so I was thinking that maybe I misheard him. Maybe I had something on my face, I thought.

“You have a lucky face!” he repeated still smiling as he did the thumb gesture across his face again as if that will help make it easier for me to understand him. I continued to look confounded.

“Do you know why?” he asked. Apparently, he mistook my silence as a sign of my interest.

At this point, I was thinking that he was either about to sell me something or preach to me about some new age belief. I wasn’t interested regardless. I pretended to look at my watch to show I him I was in a hurry and then I said to him, “Okay, why?”

I wasn’t really listening anymore and started to edge away from him. He said something like I will have three lucky somethings in my life and so on. It sounded like he was predicting my future — a good future. But, for all I know, he was actually giving me a nicely worded curse. However, I still feared that it was just an elaborate sales pitch. So I thanked him and bid him goodbye the first chance I got.

As I started to sprint up the street again to catch a tram, I looked back at the stranger. He was still smiling as he turned to continue walking down the road. It was a very odd encounter. It felt like I was in a Stephen King story and this mysterious person had just given me a fore-shadowing of things to come later.

Either way, I hope that I do have a lucky face. I could surely use all the luck I can get.

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