Feet off the seats!

Time and time again, I keep seeing these inconsiderate people taking the seats with seats in front of them that are facing the opposite direction. The bad part is that these individuals use the opposing seats as surrogate foot stools. Don’t they realise just how potentially nasty the bottom of their shoes are? They don’t seem to care that the seats in front of them get soiled because of their disgusting feet. There are people who will be sitting in those seats eventually. Didn’t their parents teach them anything about cleanliness and hygiene?

There is even a hefty fine if these any of these individuals get caught by a train inspector with their feet on the seats. I guess that just goes to show how prevalent this awful practice is in trains. You can see the offenders suddenly dropping their feet down quickly to the floor whenever they think an inspector is approaching.

They should keep their feet down not because of any inspector. They should keep their feet off the seats out of common courtesy and manners. Apparently, these people just don’t care about that kind of thing. I don’t think that fines will stop these serial foot-on-seat offenders, though. They should’ve been taught when they were younger not to do this to begin with. Now, I fear, it may just be too late to correct these people of this unacceptable behaviour.

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Back From Sydney

Finally got back from Sydney this evening after a short four-day three-night stay. I was given an extra week off before I start work at my new job. Raquel and I took advantage of this chance for a bit of vacation so we booked a flight for Sydney.

Last time we visited Sydney was when we were still living in Canberra over three years ago. So when Raquel asked me where I wanted to go for a few days away from Melbourne, I suggested Sydney. Well, I just wished to see the place again, for one. I guess another reason for my wanting to go was that I sometimes feel like I may have made the wrong choice in moving to Melbourne instead of Sydney. Now that we’ve been there again, Raquel and I both believe that we were right in choosing Melbourne after all.

Time willing, I’ll tell you all more about our short trip to Sydney later and maybe post some photos, too.

We usually take Virgin Blue airlines for interstate flights but we’ve decided to go with JetStar for a change. Their cheaper airfare convinced us to give them a go. The thing I found odd though was that JetStar doesn’t fly from the Melbourne Domestic Airport. Instead, it flies out of Avalon Airport. I’m not really complaining as Avalon is relatively close to Werribee. We’ll probably fly with JetStar the next time we want to fly interstate.

I’m just glad to be back and to be able to sleep in our own bed again.

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80’s Cartoons Nostalgia

While trying to clear out some of the old files on my laptop so that I would have enough space for the personal files I have stored on my PC in the office (tomorrow is my last day at my current employer, after all), I discovered some of the old short videos I’ve downloaded from the Internet a while back.

The files are of the opening themes of some of the cartoons I grew up with during the 80’s. It sure brought me back to the time when me and my brother were kids. I wanted to share the videos with you but I didn’t want to re-upload so I searched for the videos in YouTube instead.

Fortunately, someone made a compilation of 80’s cartoons opening themes. Here they are:

Part 1


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Phone Boo-boo

I don’t know why but I’m having a hard time composing my thoughts and speaking articulately, whether it be in English or Tagalog. Must be the stress of getting everything handed over to my replacement at work.

This reminded me of the other day when I called up our ISP’s customer service. I wanted to find out how much longer before our contract with our ISP runs out and how much is the fee in case we want to terminate the contract early.

However, our home broadband Internet account was in Raquel’s name to avoid some issues that may arise with having two accounts with the same ISP back when we were moving from St Kilda to here in Werribee several months ago. So, I had to clarify that I wasn’t the person who was actually named in the account.

“We just want to find out if our broadband account is under contract,” I said to the customer service lady.

“What’s the username for the account, sir?” she asked. I gave her the username for the account. She continued, “is this Ms Raquel ___?”

“Er, no. My name is Geejay ____,” I replied. “I’m Raquel’s wife.”

After a few seconds of silence, I then realised my mistake and quickly added, “No, wait! I’m Raquel’s husband! SHE is my wife.”

After we both laughed at my blunder, she informed me that we were indeed still locked in a contract and it would cost us $190 to get out of it to move to a different (ie. better) ISP. The worst part was that I made the call in the office and I think everybody there heard me. Ah, well. A most embarrassing experience.

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