Snaps of life

I was going through my phone’s photo gallery and found these pictures I’ve taken in the past. I have, at one time or another, intended the photos to be part of a blog entry but they have somehow been forgotten.

Kids do crazy things everywhere but we see them mostly on trains. The boys on the left were looking out the open windows into an oncoming train going in the other direction. Dangerously crazy. The girl on the left always have her feet on the seats opposite her when we see her reading her glamour magazines. One would think that sitting properly would be part of being glamorous, I suppose that kind of thinking maybe from another era. Right now, all I see is attitude.

I usually get the mail from our post box when we get home from work and I’ve always hated having to stick my hand into a dark box and feeling around it to see if we got some mail. That is until I MacGyver-ed a solution. I bought this small LED light and stuck it inside our mail box. Now, all I have to do is push on it to turn the lights on, see if we received some mail, take them out of the box and push the light’s covering to turn it off again. No more feeling around in a box that may contain deadly insects and who knows what else?

This photo was taken at either Sydney or Melbourne airport (can’t remember which now). It’s an AVRO 504K (not sure if it’s a replica or the real thing) that Qantas flew when it was just starting out. Talk about humble beginnings!

Next is this photo of a sign outside betting agency TAB stating that horse meets were cancelled for the day due to Equine Flu. Punters are still worried that this would affect the Spring Racing Carnival and it’s a bit of a wait-and-see situation right now.

Then there’s this photo of an elderly woman playing Scrabble with a boy in the local library. If you think the boy was getting his ass kicked, think again. Although the old lady was winning the game, the boy wasn’t trailing far behind. There was an official Scrabble dictionary nearby to settle disputes and a librarian on hand to help both players think up some suitable words. We stayed for a few minutes to watch and I just thought that it was a good idea to set up the board and had people play on that particular lazy afternoon. Brilliant work indeed!

I left all my usual train reading materials and had nothing to do for half of our journey home last night. After staring out the window for a few minutes and doing some people watching, I took this snap of hubby who was busily reading a graphic novel he borrowed from the library. It was supposed to be a candid shot but my phone’s auto-focus light tipped him off to what I was doing. Too bad that the photo came out blurry too as the train jolted on the exact moment when I took the photo. I forgot my reading material again today (why do the books I want to read have to come in hard-bound editions anyway?) and might drop by the library to pick something handy to read later.

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