First Day

I’ll keep this short. I started work at my new job yesterday. First half of the day was spent in a long orientation session with the HR. We were toured around the building and showed how to work the coffee machines and printers. I’ve never had to go to an orientation since my first year in university. Nevertheless, it was all very interesting.

Come noon, we newcomers were treated by our supervisors for lunch. Even though I didn’t pay for the food, I still thought what I had was a bit expensive.

The second half of the day was spent catching up on the system I’m going to be working on. By the end of the day, I felt mentally exhausted after trying to absorb all of that new information. Today is day two and I feel like I’m not even learned a tenth of what I needed to know about how the system works.

At least, my new colleagues, including my new boss, were all very accommodating and encouraging. They keep telling me that they also had a hard time learning the system when they started working for the company themselves. They also told me the mistakes they’ve made and some-such. It really made me feel more at ease.

Two days in, and I feel like I’m going to like working at my new job. The office area and the view are nice. The people are nice. The work seems challenging and interesting. The only thing that’s not to my liking is the company’s seeming obsession with HR paperwork. That’s fine though. Nothing is ever perfect.

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