Feet off the seats!

Time and time again, I keep seeing these inconsiderate people taking the seats with seats in front of them that are facing the opposite direction. The bad part is that these individuals use the opposing seats as surrogate foot stools. Don’t they realise just how potentially nasty the bottom of their shoes are? They don’t seem to care that the seats in front of them get soiled because of their disgusting feet. There are people who will be sitting in those seats eventually. Didn’t their parents teach them anything about cleanliness and hygiene?

There is even a hefty fine if these any of these individuals get caught by a train inspector with their feet on the seats. I guess that just goes to show how prevalent this awful practice is in trains. You can see the offenders suddenly dropping their feet down quickly to the floor whenever they think an inspector is approaching.

They should keep their feet down not because of any inspector. They should keep their feet off the seats out of common courtesy and manners. Apparently, these people just don’t care about that kind of thing. I don’t think that fines will stop these serial foot-on-seat offenders, though. They should’ve been taught when they were younger not to do this to begin with. Now, I fear, it may just be too late to correct these people of this unacceptable behaviour.

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