Went to an Osteopath

Around four years ago, I was slouching on my computer chair working hard at coding software. I slouched so much that I was almost lying on my back on my chair. After a long continuous stretch of typing, I decided to stretch a little and straighten up my sitting position. And then it hit me.

A warm stabbing pain shot up through the back of my neck and my shoulders. The pain was worse than all the stiff necks I’ve ever had in my life combined. After a few minutes, the pain subsided a little but it lingered.

At first, I thought that the pain would eventually go away just like stiff necks did. A week later and I still had the awful pain in my neck and shoulders. Raquel massaged the area a few times already during the first week but it didn’t lessen the pain. Maybe I would have better results if I had the massaging done by someone trained at it.

I went to a chiropractor to have my neck and shoulder looked at. I regretted ever going there. After my consultation with the chiropractor, I think the pain was actually worse. During the session, I felt like I was being tortured by some sadistic maniac who used his pointy elbows as his primary implements of torture. I never went back.

The pain eventually lessened to a degree where I don’t really feel it anymore. The pain actually remained but I just got used to it that I was able to ignore it for most of the time.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Raquel had been having problems with her back so she went to see a doctor who specialised in Osteopathy. It was only then that I discovered that there is an actual branch of medicine that deals with these kinds of problems. I figured I should go to an osteopath and see if he or she can relieve the minor pain on my neck and shoulders.

During my first session, the doctor asked where it basically hurts the most. I pointed out that I had more pain in my left shoulder than I do anywhere else. She concentrated in that area and when she finished, the pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it! It felt so good to not feel any pain after having to endure it for so long.

I returned for my second session just this week and she had essentially removed the pain I have felt on my right shoulder and my lower back. Amazing!

I’ll be back there next week for my third visit but it’ll probably be the last as it seems like I have no more pain I can complain about. That and I start work at my new job after that week. The new job may not be as lax with lunch hour breaks as with my current employer.

I just wish I had known about osteopaths a whole lot earlier.

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  1. I found her here: http://cityosteopathy.com.au/ 🙂

  2. Hello.

    I have severe neck pain that radiates to the back of my head. I usually feel it a couple of hours working on my computer.

    I believe an osteopath may be able to help. May I know where you found yours.


  3. You should really try it. Tell me how that goes. 🙂

  4. i also have a lingering lower back pain. i’ve has this for years now im used to it . but i may take a cue from you and see an osteopath too. didn’t even know what osteopathy is before.

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