Next-door Neighbour’s Up-coming Party

One night as we were getting out of our car, our next-door neighbour hurriedly approached us before we could close our garage door. We’ve seen her a few times before but our encounters were usually limited to hand-waving or casual exchange of greetings such as “good day” or “good evening” and so on. Not this time.

She basically just wanted to let us know that it was her 40th birthday and that she’ll be having guests on Saturday week. She warned us that it may get loud. We told her we don’t mind that at all and thanked her for giving us the heads-up. She also added that if we were available, she’s inviting us to come along to the party, too.

We didn’t really know anybody in our neighbourhood and I thought that this may be a good opportunity to get to know at least one of our neighbours. I want to go but I don’t know what the expectations are for guests in Australia. I mean, we don’t really know her that well and if we decide to go to the party, what do we bring along with us? A bottle of champagne? An actual gift? Should we only stay long enough to finish one glass of drink or should we stay for longer? Maybe it was just a courtesy on her part to ask us to come over but are we really expected to go at all?

I don’t know the answers so I’ll most likely consult my Aussie-born friends about the protocol involved in such a scenario.

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