Gun Shooting in Melbourne

It was a quarter past nine in the morning when we arrived at Flinders street station this morning for work. Something was different today. There seemed to be less bustle and hustle in the city this morning. There was also the sound of helicopters nearby as we made our way to the office along Flinders Lane.

When I got in, my officemate joked, “be sure to hide your gun under the desk, mate.” I didn’t get it so I just smiled back. Another officemate soon arrived and he talked about the cordoned-off streets nearby and the choppers.

I was curious now so I asked about the copters. They then told me that there was a gun shooting incident two blocks from our office around an hour before. Three got shot with one fatality and the gunman was still at large! I couldn’t believe it. A shooting so close to work. We could’ve even passed by the shooter on the street and we wouldn’t know it. Even more incredible was that the supposed gun used at the shooting was later recovered in a building site a block from our office.

As I’m writing this, the police apparently has a good idea on who did the shooting and is now hunting him down. For more details on the story, you can read The Age article titled One dead, gunman at large after city shooting.

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