Around the Yard

Two weekends ago, we got ourselves some free shrub plants, care of the local city council. For a week, the six plants were sharing one small pot while we figured out what to do with them. Three of them we already gave away to our friends. We decided that we’d plant one near our driveway so that it wouldn’t look so barren. We wanted to plant the remaining two shrubs in big pots and place them in our front yard just outside our front window.

Last Sunday, we went to Bunnings Warehouse and picked out the pots and potting mix we’ll use. Since we got back home a bit late, we ended up not being able to plant the shrubs in the pots. However, there was still enough time before sunset, so I dug up a hole near our driveway and planted the shrub.

My only fear is that I don’t have a green thumb to speak of. We tried to move two plants in our backyard a few months ago and both plants are now dead. I just hope that the plant survives to grow into a healthy shrub.

On a slightly different story, our backyard fence has had holes in two places since February when the construction people of the new apartment behind us accidentally punched through our fence with their earthmovers. Since then, we’ve been trying to get them to fix the damage they caused.

And finally, after much nagging on our part, they finally fixed one of the holes on the fence. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there is still one hole that was left unpatched. According to the construction manager I spoke to over the phone, he was only told about one hole. Since I want to stay civilized about the whole thing, I thanked him for fixing one of the holes and asked him to fix the other. He said that it would be fixed sometime this week.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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