Free Trees!

In these days of global warming, it’s nice to see local council’s doing their bit to help stop climate change. Yesterday, we took advantage of the Wyndham City Council’s Free Tree Giveaway Program during the Wyndham Water Wise expo. The program was only open from 10 am to 5 pm and each household was supposedly allowed a maximum of two free plants.

We got at the venue pretty late at around 4 pm and was afraid that there wouldn’t be any free plants left for us. We were glad to find out that there were still some plants left. Even better, they were the plants we wanted to get in the first place, Rock Correas (Correa Glabra). It’s supposed to be ideal for the Australian climate (as in dry) as it is a native flora and could even be used as a low screen.

That’s good news for us since we’ve inadvertently killed off two of our backyard screen plants already. That’s right, we aren’t good at gardening. Anyway, we were hoping to replace those with the two plants we would be getting from the giveaway.

We were only supposed to be eligible for two plants of our choice but we ended up with half-a-dozen of them! At the time, I was very hungry and wasn’t thinking straight so I just accepted all six plants thinking I could probably plant the other four somewhere around the house.

We only realised later that we have no place to put the extra four plants we have. So now, we are stuck with four rock correas we don’t really need. I will probably just give them away. And if nobody wants them, I hope they’ll be able to survive in pots.

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