Why’s Everybody Staring?

Raquel and I had dined out with a couple of friends just the other night at DiCaprio’s, an Italian restaurant at Hoppers Crossing. We had a wonderful time talking about all sorts of stuff (mostly geeky topics) over dinner.

The one thing that bothered me about the evening was that the people sitting around us seem to be staring at us instead of just minding their own business. It was very weird. Someone even had the look of mild shock on his face as he was staring. It’s the same look as someone who was just about to watch Sixth Sense for the first time and was told that Bruce Willis’s character was actually dead for most of the movie.

Was it our topic of conversation that caused our fellow restaurant patrons to look at us so? Let’s see… I think we were talking about whether the moon landing was a hoax or not. Maybe that was it. They couldn’t believe that it was possible the moon landing was a hoax, maybe? (I believe that it actually happen though.) Or maybe they were surprised at my friends revelation that the books of the burnt-down ancient library of Alexandria were all safely hidden underneath one of the Sphinx’s paws?

Maybe it wasn’t the topic at all. Maybe we were just talking too loudly? It didn’t seem like it to me though. Is it the non-Australian accent Raquel and I have when speaking English?

I guess we’ll never know.

Actually, when we ate out for dinner with the same couple a several nights ago at Salsa’s Mexican restaurant in Werribee, I recall the other people at the restaurant doing the same thing: staring at us.

I hope I’m just being paranoid because it certainly felt weird.

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  1. Ah, yeah. But we definitely want to watch Shrek! Okay, we’ll see it with you guys on VMAX next weekend. Just let me know the details. 😀

  2. i assume u have seen Pirates now. next week Shrek will be on VMAX in Southland but not sure if you guys would want to see that. If you do, maybe we can go next weekend?

    juz lemme know.

  3. Oh, and I’ve never tried Serranos yet. We looked at their menu and it seemed almost identical to that of La Porchetta’s. And since we are fans of La Porchetta even when we were in Canberra still, we mostly just stuck to eating there and not trying out Serranos yet.

  4. Hehe. I doubt anybody there reads this blog. 😉

  5. you guys are famous, thats why. hahaha. ey, is DiCaprio better than Serranos rest.? i just came home from a party in Manor Lakes. and yes, may be we’ve bumped each other in Werribee plaza. hehehehe. i’ll say “HI” if i see you around. i know what you look like so… that’ll make me a stalker? eerr. no. G’day neighbor! 😀

  6. :)) and I agreed with you that some of the movies or photos could’ve been prepared before the actual moon landing as a contingency. 🙂

    Well, we’re all probably loud.

  7. I tend to be a loud talker (I was the cauc at the table) .. so it might have been me .. especially as I’m the moon-sceptic ..

    I don’t have a problem with nerdist discrimination: I’m a nerd (well, geek) by choice. But if I thought for a moment there was anything racist about it, I’d have kicked up a fair fuss.

    BTW: I don’t have a problem with the moon-landing itself, just with some of the footage and photos we’ve seen. We *had* to beat Russia to the moon, so movies and photos were prepared earlier just in case of problems.

  8. I sincerely hope that it isn’t a racist thing. 😮 Or a nerd discrimination thing! 😛

  9. could be. knowing you, you speak louder than anyone else without noticing. hahaha… but then again, they could’ve just been feeling racist-y at the time upon hearing that a couple of brown people with a white dude, talking about science and ancient history, that they thought that they know better. hahaha… forgive me.. I’ve been watching too many House M.D. lately. :d:d:d

  10. They are like you and Shane: one Pinay and one Caucasian. So we’re three Pinoys and a white guy speaking having a geeky conversation in English over dinner. So, I’m not really sure what they’re on about. It may all be us speaking a bit too loudly, in the end.

    VMAX in Southland? Sure! What movie do you guys want to watch?

  11. that is indeed weird. are these friends of yours white? i get stares too sometimes when Shane and I are out w/ Caucasian friends.

    there is VMAX theatre now in Southland. Wanna check it out? though the one in Knox City still have better seats.

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