Why’s Everybody Staring?

Raquel and I had dined out with a couple of friends just the other night at DiCaprio’s, an Italian restaurant at Hoppers Crossing. We had a wonderful time talking about all sorts of stuff (mostly geeky topics) over dinner.

The one thing that bothered me about the evening was that the people sitting around us seem to be staring at us instead of just minding their own business. It was very weird. Someone even had the look of mild shock on his face as he was staring. It’s the same look as someone who was just about to watch Sixth Sense for the first time and was told that Bruce Willis’s character was actually dead for most of the movie.

Was it our topic of conversation that caused our fellow restaurant patrons to look at us so? Let’s see… I think we were talking about whether the moon landing was a hoax or not. Maybe that was it. They couldn’t believe that it was possible the moon landing was a hoax, maybe? (I believe that it actually happen though.) Or maybe they were surprised at my friends revelation that the books of the burnt-down ancient library of Alexandria were all safely hidden underneath one of the Sphinx’s paws?

Maybe it wasn’t the topic at all. Maybe we were just talking too loudly? It didn’t seem like it to me though. Is it the non-Australian accent Raquel and I have when speaking English?

I guess we’ll never know.

Actually, when we ate out for dinner with the same couple a several nights ago at Salsa’s Mexican restaurant in Werribee, I recall the other people at the restaurant doing the same thing: staring at us.

I hope I’m just being paranoid because it certainly felt weird.

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