Our Japan Photos

It took us a while to upload, sort and caption the photos we took from our trip in Japan but we’re finally done. We actually took more photos that shown in the photo albums but we a lot of the other photos were either blurry or just plain redundant anyway.

I recommend you read the captions on the photos themselves as they would tell the story of what was happening on the photos. We also added some details on our trip on those captions as well. This way, we won’t be doing a day by day blog account anymore. However, I will still probably write future blog posts about some of the more striking things about our trip later.

Day 1: Arrival

Day 2: Tokyo, Asakusa and Ueno

Day 3: Kyoto

Day 4: Himeji and Shibuya at night

Day 5: Kamakura and Harajuku

Day 6: Tsukiji, Tsukishima, Akihabara, Shinjuku and Ginza

Day 7: Going Home

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