Back from Japan

We flew back in from Japan yesterday and spent the rest of the day, well, resting. I must say that I really enjoyed our trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. There were some communication problems due to my very poor Japanese language skills, but it didn’t diminish the great experience I had there.

I specially love the food we were able to eat there, from Japanese crepe to curries, from katsudon to tendons, from sando to hambaagaa. I’ll tell you more about it later along with some photos of our trip. Right now, I just wanted to let you guys know that we’re back safe in good old Melbourne.

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  1. Inggo, actually, we have more pics but we just haven’t uploaded all of them yet. When I have, we’ll be making a post on the blog with a link to the photos. And… sigh… I also know about Ouendan part 2 being released in a few days. I just found out a few days before we fly to Japan. Bad timing. I had to settle with Ouendan 1 which was very very difficult to find.

    Vince, nope. Me, my brother and my parents went to Japan in the early 1980s for a few days’ trip. I only remember it vaguely and being so young, I was only interested in staying in the hotel to watch cartoons on TV. And so, I didn’t fully appreciated the whole trip. This time round, I have a better appreciation of Japanese culture, pop-culture and history.

  2. Welcome back. Is it your first time to visit Japan?
    Alma – I have a couple of Japanese friends too but all they know is to drink beer. 😦

  3. arrrgh.. kainiggit naman. nakita ko na yung mga pictures niyo. sana kumuha pa kayo ng maraming pic sa akihabara! marami kang nabiling games? anime? Manga? btw, kailan kayo nagpunta sa akiba? sana naghintay pa kayo ng konting araw kasi kalalabas lang nung part 2 nung Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan! arrrgh… talaga. gusto ko ring pumunta!! :((

  4. Hi Alma! We’ll be posting the photos soon. It’s just that there are lots of them and we are still in the process of sorting them out and picking which ones to upload. :d

  5. holiday trip ba yun? good to hear you enjoyed Japan.

    i miss the food too. i lived with a Japanese couple for 3 months in Sydney in 2003 and they cook Jap food all the time. feeling ko palagi akong nasa restaurant :). we even have teppanyaki in the house. At since massage therapist at accupunturist yung babae, I get free massage and accupunture!

    post your photos na 🙂

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