C-list Bloglebrity Status?

Our friend Rick emailed us today with the following:

From: Rick
To: Geejay
Subject: Hey, you’re a C-list bloglebrity!



(they get their info from technorati
(http://www.technorati.com/blogs/http%3A%2F%2Fpalabok.com) which place you as the 118,286th highest blog in the 53 MILLION they watch. Wow!


A bloglebrity? Our blog? Okay, ours maybe a C-list bloglebrity but it’s better to be on a list than not at all, right? Well, Raquel and I had a good chuckle about this. It’s still cool to think that we’re at least not on the D-list.

Using a Technocrati-powered widget on Kineda’s Blog that determines a site’s level of bloglebrity of a given site:

With 38 links in the last 180 days, Technorati places palabok.com in the middle authority group.

That makes you a C-List Blogger!

Show Off Your Status with an C-List Badge:
C-List Blogger

Here is a short explanation of what a C-List Blogger is:

The Middle Authority Group [C-List Bloggers]
(10-99 blogs linking in the last 6 months)
This contrasts somewhat with the second group, which enjoys an average age not much older than the first at 260 days and which posts 50% more frequently than the first. There is a clear correlation between posting volume and Technorati authority ranking.

Thanks, Rick, for bringing this to our attention. It’s great to know we’re at least in the middle authority group.

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  1. Wow, fruity. Your site grew big real fast there. I wish ours is as big but we don’t really care too much about that. We are just doing the blog for kicks, maybe give out helpful hints to strangers and help keep our friends keep tabs on our goings-on.

    Even though we do have Google ads on this site, I almost never check my Google account to see if we have earned any money from it. The last time I checked, we’ve earned about $20 since we started having ads. So yeah, it was more of an experiment that I just kept on because I was too lazy to remove the code for it. πŸ˜‰

  2. πŸ™‚ Congrats… yes, I’ve seen that button before.

    I was a proud D-list blogger just 8 months ago and just moved to B-list blogger a month ago with 195 links. But really, I don’t care all that much about it… In the end, for me… it’s the quality of “conversations” I have with my visitors… not the quantity… Although, just recently, I celebrated my 1000+ comments on my blog.

    I suppose I’d start caring about Technorati rank and Google PR if I started running ads and monetizing my blog… Well, never say never, but I definitely draw the line when it comes to Paid to Blog type of schemes. Bleah.

  3. Hello,
    I am Jerome Herrera. I am the owner of Pinoy Penster Community, a website for Amateur and Professional Filipino Writers. I was wondering if we could exchange links. This will give your blog/website a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to our hundreds of visitors everyday. If you are interested, please email me at jeromeherrera2006@gmail.com. Pinoy Penster Community is located at http://penster.fyi.ph

  4. Hi Linda! D-List? Cool. Definitely better than Z. πŸ˜€

    Hi Vince. Yeah, I guess it is devious. I’m not really taking any of this seriously. πŸ˜‰ I don’t care what list type of blog we have here but I was very interested in the Technocrati stats. πŸ˜€

  5. Congratulations…..maybe.

    It’s almost devious of kineda to give out such awards and ask the awardees to post a link back to them (in the form of kineda’s logo). The result is potentially millions of links to their site.

    BTW, they rated me a D-list blogger, despite my non-existent blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. How cool!!!

    I’m going to go check out my blog now (most likely Z-list lol!!!)


    PS: I’m actually a D-List (better than Z though!!!) – love this link btw!

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