Lunch at Geelong

After spending the whole of Saturday outside (played badminton, went shopping, attended Elmer’s and Greg’s birthday party — Happy Birthday, guys!), me and Raquel planned to just stay in the house last Sunday. Didn’t happen that way though.

Around noon, we didn’t have any food to eat so we decided to eat out. Then we remembered Smorgy’s, the all-you-can-eat restaurant we saw the past weekend in Geelong. I was in a mood to drive to see the ocean anyway so Geelong it was.

It was surprisingly good value, actually, at only $14.95 each for the buffet lunch. I liked best the honey chicken, fried rice, rissoles, lasagna and the stir-fry vegies. Here’s the rest of their menu: Click here.

As expected from having eaten all we can, we were feeling very guilty. We definitely needed to walk off some of that food we’ve taken in. Fortunately, we have yet to see the remaining bollards we’ve missed from the weekend before. According to the tourism literature, the rest of the bollards are on the other side of the beach going to Rippleside Park.

I think we got all of the bollards this time though.

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  1. Oh we do like the place. We may be visiting the beach more often in the future.

  2. 🙂 , and Geelong is the second biggest city in Victoria. hoo-haa smorgy’s, we eat there twice a month. btw, a geelongian here. hope you liked Geelong!

  3. Ah. I think all the swimmers are along the eastern side of the beach. We went to the western side this time.

  4. How come there’s nobody swimming?

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