Out in the You Yangs

I first heard the term “You Yangs” from an officemate of mine who lives in Werribee. This was before we live in Werribee ourselves. He commented about “getting lost out in the You Yangs” or something like that. I thought You Yangs was just a slang word for boondocks. It turned out to be an actual place.

According to Wikipedia, the name “You Yang” comes from the Aboriginal words “Wurdi Youang” or “Ude Youang” meaning “big mountain in the middle of a plain”. And it is the name of a regional park in the Werribee lava plains area.

We’ve lived in Werribee for a while now but we have never even seen the You Yangs up close so, yesterday, we decided to pay it a visit.

It didn’t take too long to get there. And when we did, we headed for Flinders Peak which supposedly only takes one hour to hike and climb and return from. Took us more than two hours for the round trip. We were exhausted but it’s good exercise at least. I needed some form of penance during Holy Week anyway apart from not eating meat.

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