Galling Pain

I wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep last Saturday night due to a very uncomfortable pain radiating from my upper right abdomen. It was past midnight and yet I still felt quite full and bloated. After lying down in bed, the feeling changed to mild discomfort in my upper abdomen while I began to feel stiffness in my back.

At first, I thought I could just ignore the growing pain. After a few more minutes, I was beginning to get the chills on top of the pain. I suspected that I was having a bad case of indigestion, heartburn or food poisoning. Either way, I believed it was all just going to pass. That belief wasn’t any comfort at the time though.

I tried various ways of alleviating the pain. Since it seemed like burping helped reduce the pain, I tried sipping a fizzy drink but that only made worse. I even tried forcing myself to vomit to get rid of possible excess food in my stomach that may be causing the problem. But I just couldn’t get myself to vomit. Finally, Raquel rubbed Tiger Balm on my tummy and I took a tablet of De-Gas and one or the other seemed to have helped. The pain subsided enough so that I was able to get some sleep.

The next day, I felt much better. However, I could still feel a bit of tightness in my upper right abdomen. This sensation lasted the whole day but it wasn’t too bad to keep me at home. I hoped that the problem would pass by the end of the day but it lingered. Last night, I tried to press on the area of my abdomen where I was feeling the tightness and discovered that the pain, though still mild, increased. That couldn’t be good.

Today, I could still feel the mild pain on my upper right abdomen if I press on it or if I inhale deeply enough. It’s the third day and I’m a little worried now. After doing some research on the Internet, I discovered that I could possibly have gall bladder stones! Yep. First, kidney stones, now gall bladder stones! Lucky me.

Hopefully, that’s not the case at all. Just to be safe, I quickly made an appointment with my GP to have my problem checked. After answering a few of the doctor’s questions and some quick tests, he believed that I may, in fact, have gall bladder stones. If that be the case, I would have to have my gall bladder removed! I have a friend here who had recently had her gall bladder removed and she said it wasn’t such a big deal. Also, it’s supposedly a non-essential organ but still!

However, there were some symptoms that didn’t quite fit. According to him, a very 10/10 (a ten out of ten) pain and nausea are usually associated with a gall bladder stone attack. My pain is about 3/10 at worst and I actually don’t feel nauseous at all. He said that it could still just be some weird inflammation that could go away. To be sure, I’ll be having an ultrasound performed on my upper abdomen tomorrow morning.

If the test is positive for gall bladder stones, I may lose my gall bladder. If it is negative, then something else is causing the mild pain in the upper abdomen. But what could it be? How do I get it cured? Well, if it isn’t gall bladder stones, I hope the ultrasound would still be able to help in getting a proper diagnosis of my problem. In the end, I’m just hoping for the results to turn out negative and for the pain to go away by itself. One can always hope.

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