So Cold

Warm or cold, I usually never stir from my deep sleep. That meant that when the temperature rises during the night, I’d start to perspire whilst I remain soundly asleep while Raquel is forced to get up to turn on the electric fan because she can’t go back to sleep due to the warmth. Same thing happens when it cools down in the middle of the night. Despite the drop in temperature, I just continue to sleep while Raquel is again forced to turn the heater on.

This morning though, it was so cold that I was forced to wake up and turn on the heater myself. The only reason Raquel didn’t notice the temperature drop was probably because she wore thicker clothes than me last night. After turning on the heater, I had to endure about ten minutes or so of freezing temperature before the warmth generated by the heater was able to overpower the coldness in the air.

I’m tempted to say that this is because winter is already upon us. However, the weather is a bit difficult to predict lately so maybe there’ll be warm nights yet before autumn ends. Just a couple of nights ago, it was so warm that we had to leave the electric fan turned on as we slept.

Now, because I had been exposed to the cold for a bit this morning, I think I may have caught the cold myself. I feel terrible right now. I couldn’t stop sneezing and my eye lids feel heavy and itchy. I’m very tempted to just take my leave from work and sleep this cold off at home.

The lesson for me here is that I should start to wear thicker clothes at night. I think it’s far better to wake up soaked in sweat in the morning (in case it was a very warm night) because I wore clothing that was too thick than to wake up with a cold for the rest of the day (in case it was a cold night) because I wore clothing meant for summer nights.

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  1. Got it. Thanks. 🙂

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