Water wise

With recent talks of stage 4 water restrictions being introduced by May 1 if the rains still don’t come, everyone is being encouraged to save water as much as they can. Australia, being a dry country in the grip of a drought, has a need for some good drenching (preferably soon).

We’ve been trying our best to do our bit by conserving water at home and had stopped watering the lawns way before the stage 3 restrictions (all lawns cannot be watered during stage 3 restrictions). What used to be green lawn in our backyard is now nothing more than brown, parched soil with patches of green, very resilient weeds. Most of our plants only get watered during the assigned days (Wednesdays and Sundays for us) and mostly with just greywater saved from the shower/bath. I also tried to harvest the waste water from the washing machine last weekend so that our plants would have more water to drink but that didn’t go well. How was I supposed to know that the hose had to be a certain height for it to empty the water from the machine?! Oh well, better luck next time then.

We’ve also tried taking shorter showers, with hubby having more success in this area than I do although I’ve also improved a bit. We also haven’t had our car washed in ages – hubby calls the current state of (un)cleanliness of our car a “badge of honour”. Aside from having the windscreen cleaned whenever we’re at the petrol station, we don’t really mind the dirt anyway. We’ve also long figured out that sweeping paved areas with a dry brush is both good exercise and quite effective.

We got our water bill last week and was pleasantly surprised that our household water use has continued to fall and way below the average water usage for a couple. Apart from lower water rates, it’s good to know that we’re doing our bit in conserving our precious water in whatever little way we can.

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  1. @Linda: Yeah, we didn’t think we’d be saving that much water as it didn’t feel like we’ve changed much but I guess the little things do add up.

    Patches of our backyard’s pretty dusty as well so we avoid going out there when it’s windy but so far no cracks on the ground yet. I really hope it would rain down soon, nothing of this cloudy with just light drizzles business.

    @MM: Thanks for visiting our blog! The thing with leaving the car outdoors is that we’d need a downpour to wash away all the dust. Our car currently looks muddied because we only ever get light rain. Good luck on keeping your energy and water bills down too.

    @Alma: They say that it rains more frequently in the East than in the West side of Melbourne so maybe that contributes to keeping your plants alive. I didn’t think I’d say this but I do miss the rain, it has just been too long without it!

  2. water wise, indeed.

    i haven’t wash my car for a loong time now too and we don’t water our plants either but for some reason, our backyard still looks green with just a few patches of brown. some stubborn weeds…

    here’s praying for rain…

  3. Hi Rachel and Geejay,

    My car is the same as your, but I make sure that I put my car out when there is a chance of a shower or a heavy downpour para libre and linis.

    maybe our water bill will go down this winter but for sure the electricity bill will go up because of the heater.

    by the way I like your blog, keep up the good work.

  4. Well done! I was really impressed with the way your water usage has fallen, that’s fantastic!

    Our backyard looks like a desert at the moment. Just dust and weeds. There are even cracks in the ground – like, huge cracks!! I’ll post some pics on my blog when I get some spare time!!

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