ASX sharemarket game on

Do you have what it takes to make $50,000 virtual dollars grow within 14 weeks? Or perhaps you just want to learn the basics of going into the sharemarket without plonking down your own hard-earned dollars?

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is hosting another one of its sharemarket games wherein each registered player would be given a hypothetical $50,000 to invest in shares. Its free to register and play so if you’re interested, registration is now open. Westpac, the game’s sponsor, would be offering a $5,000 share portfolio to the national winner at the end of the game. Learn more about the game here and here. The game would run from March 29 until July 5.

I joined the previous share investing game and made a respectable $5,000 for my virtual $50,000. Sure, there were heaps of other people who made their money grow more than I did but I thought it was good for my first try and was an okay outcome for someone who didn’t trade all that much during the game. I basically just bought some virtual shares at the start of the game and just held on to most of them until the end of the game. I plan to get more involved in the game this time around and see if my imaginary portfolio fares better this time around.

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