First Paycheck

Lookee what I got in the mail today! It’s my first paycheck for drawing a short 8-page comics story for the Going Down Swinging literary anthology book. Actually, it’s the only time I ever got paid to draw. Although it is not that much, I’m still glad I got paid at all. I’m now thinking if I should even cash it. Maybe I should just frame it or something.

The payment was $100 per story and I did an 8-page story. That comes down to $12.50 per page I submitted. After seeing the book and saw that people submitted 4-page, 2-page and even a 1 page comic, I couldn’t help but feel slightly ripped off because they still got paid $100 for those. Next time, I’ll try to be smarter about this. Still, I needed the entire eight pages to tell the story so I don’t feel too ripped off.

Hopefully, my future forays into comics would be similarly rewarding (if not more so).

Published in: on February 7, 2007 at 11:41 pm  Comments (10)