Shooting Some Hoops

My family had a basketball half-court in our backyard when I was growing up. Having one helped kept me slim during my high school years. It also helped me make some new friends at school as a lot of them would come home with me on Fridays so that we could shoot some hoops in our court. When the old house got extended, the court had to go to make room. I stopped playing basketball regularly after that.

These days, I only get to enjoy shooting hoops when Raquel and I are at the local gaming arcade where we can play those timed basketball hoop games. The higher the score you get, the more tickets you win that you can exchange for gift items.

I realised that whenever we play a dozen rounds of that game, I get a workout. I thought it was great because shooting hoops never felt like working out to me. The only downside was that each game costs $2. A dozen games between Raquel and me set us back $24 each time. I figured, there must be a cheaper way to shoot some hoops.

Yeah, maybe I can just go to the nearby local basketball courts and pay for an hourly fee meanwhile sharing it with others. That’s okay, I guess. Except, being all rusty for not having played for many years now, I don’t want to make a complete fool of myself. Besides, I couldn’t do that on a daily basis. It would be great if I could play a bit of ball everyday to help me lose some pounds.

In the end, we just bought a basketball ring with stand at Rebel Sport yesterday. We weren’t after a professional standard basketball ring. All we wanted was a hoop we can shoot at. So, we picked one of the cheapest rings around. It isn’t that big but it’s just as well because we want it to fit under our pergola’s roof. The only problem I noticed was that the pergola roof wasn’t high enough and I kept hitting the roof beams whenever I tried to shoot high.

Anyway, today, we were able to spend half an hour shooting some hoops and running around after the ball afterwards. It was a cool workout and I didn’t even notice the time pass. At last, a form of exercise I can enjoy.

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