Bohol 2006 Photos

We’ve been busy these past weeks with work, chores and general everyday living that we’ve been neglecting some of our more leisurely pursuits, this blog included. Hubby has been planning a detailed post about our Bohol trip but he’s just too occupied with other things at the moment that he hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Man, you should really hear him talk about our adventures, or maybe misadventures; it’ll give new meaning to the words impassioned story telling!

Anyway, next best still is to see the photos we’ve taken during said trip. Note that you’d have to have a SnapFish account to view the entire album.

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    The beach isn’t that far from the resort. You can see it from the resort. Takes less than a minute if you walk real fast. As for the hotel, we stayed at the Alona Palm. According to people there, it happens to be one of the posher resorts in the area. So I guess I have no complaints.

    We haven’t seen the Bohol Beach Club because it’s a bit far from where we stayed. But we are very close to the other Alona-based resorts. They are situated beside each other. If you walk along the beach, you’ll pass by all the resorts in the Alona beach area.

    As recommendation, I suggest you book a tour package before hand so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you get there. Unlike us. We survived though so no worries.

  2. Hi! Your pics are awesome. I am a Filipino living in the US. My hubby and I are planning on a 2-week vacation to the Philippines in November. I am trying to decide between Bohol and Boracay for a weekend trip.
    I have a few questions:
    How far was the walk from the resort to the beach?
    How was the beach and the hotel?
    Did you get to see other resorts in the area, e.g. Bohol Beach Club, etc.?
    I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on what to do/where to go/what to eat. If we decide to go, it will be our first time to Bohol (the trip is his first time to the Philippines).
    Please feel free to email.
    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hi. Nobody stopped us from trying to touch the tarsiers. Actually being able to touch them is another matter though. They quickly move away and then show us their great displeasure. 😛

    We actually went snorkling and a bit of swimming in the resort pool. The pool has a great view of the beach below and because of its construction, it sometimes looks like it is connected to the beach.

    I’ll provide a more detailed account of our trip in an upcoming blog post.

  4. Were you actually allowed to touch the tarsiers? I thought this practice has been prohibited because tarsiers are very shy creatures and that some actually die because they get stressed out and become weak from the touching and handling (or something to that effect).

    Nice pics of Bohol by the way. The place looks beautiful. It doesn’t look like you went swimming though.:-?:(

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