Red Sun over Melbourne

“Hey! Have you seen the sun outside?” asked my officemate. “It’s like a small red disc!”

The bushfires I’ve mentioned before are still blazing away across the Victoria and its effects could be observed from Melbourne even though we’re several kilometres away from the firestorm. The city is covered with smog and the smell of burnt wood is in the air. The smell of smoke even gets through our office’s air-conditioning system.

But I guess the weirdest effect of all that smoke in the air is that it changes the colour of the sun from bright yellow (in reality, it should be white) to orange-red. The sunlight bathed everything around us in an orange hue which reminds me of near-evening afternoons in the Philippines (I don’t really notice the sky turning all that orange here at sunset).

Anyway, maybe I should’ve been more impressed or, at least, weirded-out by the way the sun looked today. But, we were still living in Canberra during one of its worst firestorm events a few years back and I’ve seen it all before. And how much worse it could get.

It just angers me to think that all of this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for some bloody arsonist bastards that maybe thought it would be amusing to start a little fire in the middle of the forest. Thanks to them, there are a lot of people without homes, trees and important structures got burnt down, we are using up our much needed (and depleted) water supplies to put out the bushfires, and our water catchments are getting polluted from all the airborne ash. When these people get caught, they should be tried in court as terrorists for all the mass destruction they’ve done.

Thankfully, it’s still quite cool today so hopefully this will help our brave firefighters a bit in combatting the firestorm raging just beyond Melbourne.

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