Hottest Day Ever

Yesterday was the Melbourne’s hottest December day in 53 years at 42.1 degrees Celsius. Even a few days before yesterday, bush fires all around the state of Victoria began to spread. With the record high temperature and wild winds compounding the problem, the firestorm continued unopposed and threatened to burn down the communities beyond Melbourne nearer the blaze. This event reminded me of the firestorm we experienced while still living in Canberra but on a larger scale.

It’s of some relief to firefighters and the communities near the wild bush fires that today and tomorrow are both predicted to have day temperatures no higher than 27 degrees. For the sake of the communities in the path of the firestorm, I pray that the blaze could be controlled before Thursday when the temperature is expected to rise again.

On a different note regarding the summer heat, I was pleased to discover that the house handled the heat well. While it was hot as hell outdoors, it remained relatively cool indoors. The ceiling fan we had installed really helped circulated the air around the dining and rumpus areas.

We were originally thinking of having central cooling air-conditioner installed but that would be a bit costly. Now, I’m thinking that maybe a couple more ceiling fans might just do the trick in beating the heat in the coming summer days. Or at the very least, we might just need to get a couple of industrial-strength stand fans.

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